12-Apr-2016: Lunch to Financially Poor and Needy

Holiday Social Service-
Give some time on Holidays for Social Welfare Service, Charity. Help Disabled, Hungry, Needy, Old Age people, Financially Poor, Special Children and Adults (Mentally Retarded), Underprivileged. Give free tuition, education, training to someone. Give free medical aid to someone. Help getting job, shelter for someone. Act to have Clean, Green, pollution free, and better Society. Solve problems of people & society. Act to have better world, Collect Old Usable items from society and distribute to Financially Poor and needy people. Motivate, Guide, and Help People to get right education, do right work, Improve, take right decisions, make right choices, have sufficient for good future, help each other, and be right person.
To Better Self, Better Family, Better Society, Better World -
Desire The Best, Know The Best, Do The Best, Have The Best, Help others, and Be The Best with Good Intentions. Give and Get Love, Peace, Respect, and Happiness. Thank God for everything. Learn from Past (Do not Worry about Past), Work for Better Present (Enjoy Learning, Working, Helping, and Being Good & Healthy), Think and Plan for Better Future (Do not Worry about Future). Act to have clean, green, pollution free environment, corruption free better society and world. Do not blindly follow other’s beliefs, rituals, views, and do not blame others and yourself for your failure or wrong actions or decisions, use your brain to analyze and decide the right and best direction. Set your Desire level perfectly balanced and controlled to be Brave, Not low to be Coward, Not high to be Cruel. Act to reduce the gap between what you desire and what you deserve, but do not be desperate. Have control on, be the master of, not the slave of your body, senses, memory, brain, mind (consciousness, perception, thinking, judgment, emotions, and intelligence). Remember wherever there is Happiness in Life, there will be Sorrow. To get Happiness, you must master Sorrow. During good, normal, and especially in disappointing and difficult times (e.g. loss, fear, hunger, misfortune) remain calm, positive, honest and do not get upset; hope for good future; control and avoid ego, anger, evil emotions, and evil thoughts. Manage Behavior, Communications, Emotions, Health, Proud, Provocation, Possessiveness, Relations, flexibility & rigidity, Risks, Sensitivity, and Tolerance. Love and respect all, irrespective of their religion, beliefs in different forms of God, caste, sect, race, nationality, region, gender, age, color, strength, weakness, etc. Do not perform any action with bad intentions. Do not persecute others and do not tolerate atrocities, bloodshed, brutality, bribery, corruption, cruelty, carnage, dishonesty, fighting, fraud, killing, massacre,  murder, Persecution, robbery, rape, ruthlessness, racism, sadism, slaughter, theft, torture, viciousness, and violence.
Thank You!
R. Lohia, Founder Member Trustee

16-June-2013: Distributed Notebooks

11-Apr-2016: Lunch to Financially Poor and Needy

  • ​​We help Financially poor students, job seekers, disabled, and elderly people. You may please contribute.
  • Transfer Donation amount to: Inpas Network Trust; Account #- 05432000010822; HDFC Bank; IFSC Code: HDFC0000543; MICR Code- 400240002; Type of Account- Current-Residents.
  • Please send your name, amount, email ID, mobile number, and address to inpas.com@gmail.com for receipt. All Indian contributions made to "Inpas Network Trust" are eligible for tax deduction of 50% u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961. As per Indian Tax Laws, it is mandatory to have full name and address of a contributor else its treated as anonymous and is subject to taxation.
  • Your donation amount will be used for public welfare.
  • Not Allowed- Fund transfer in foreign currency or from out of India.
  • PAN # AAATI8735J.
  • Donate Old Cloths, Books, Eyeglasses, Newspapers, Utensils, Usable medicines, items, etc.  We distribute to Financially Poor and Needy.
  • Sponsor Child Education Fees. In memory of your loved ones, start Scholorships. Contact Us for more details.
  • We Support Financially Poor and Needy Students. ​Donate amount as you wish as contribution.

17-Jul-2015: Distributed Notebooks

12-Oct-2015: Distributed Grain Packets

07-May-2016: Donated WaterCooler

22-May-2016: Donated Umbrellas


All our acts must be ethical, moral, honest, and righteous to have better life in better world.

19-Oct-2014: Distributed Notebooks

09-Sep-2013: Distributed Notebooks

Inpas Network Trust

Vision & Missions

Integrate Problems and Solutions to Integrate People and Societies to have better life in better world.

30-Mar-2013: Distributed Notebooks

Let us help each other to make better life in better world !

26th Apr’2016: Donation Rs. 10,000/- to NAAM Foundation for help to Farmers in Draught affected areas of Maharashtra